Once you understand how Those With Power Try To Control Us, You Will Be Far Better off in understanding the events happening around you and the forces that work around us.

The Trap
The Documentary You Need To See To Understand Our Political Leaders Mindset In Governing Us All

You Will Be horrified When You See The Blind Leading The Blind
(Or is that perhaps, the naive leading the ignorant?)

The Trap - Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3

The profession of psychiatry has always been overrated, if not worse than the alleged mental health patients it incorrectly attempts to diagnose and treat. Combine their myopic research and flavor-of-the-month whacko theories with politicians seeking to control the populace and you get what we have, "World Gone Wild."

Please watch this stunning three-part documentary from award winning producer Adam Curtis as he explores psychoanalysis and its political misuse in governing.

The Century of the Self
How Politicians And Corporations Learned To Manipulate You And All Of Society
Most Aren't Even Aware Of The Persuasive Influence They Are Attacked With
(The media has employed these same tools to fool you also)

The Century of the Self

Sigmund Freud had some revolutionary ideas on how the human animal thinks and what motivates us all. Many do not know that his unscrupulous nephew, Edward Bernays, took his famous uncle's theories and applied them for commercial gain (pun intended). Bernays is considered the father of advertising and marketing. His work coerced people to subconsciously buy material goods, even when they truly didn't need to buy them. His application of Freud's work became such a powerful tool of public influence and persuasion that  governments, intel organizations and politicians all adopted his precepts for their own interests. We are all being subconsciously affected with powerful advertising and marketing tools that many do not understand. Watch this outstanding four-part documentary and be enlightened.

The Corporation
The Influence Of The Corporation On Society And Its Disparaging Affect On Us All

The Aim Of The Corporation Is To Protect The Owners Financially By Giving It The Rights Of A Human Being, But What Type Of Person Would It Actually Be?
(The rise of the new fascism: Corporatism)

The Corporation

The award winning documentary delves into the mindset of the corporation, accepting it for what is has legally been set up for, as a human entity with the rights of an individual. What they set out to ascertain is, what type of an individual would the corporation be if it were psychoanalyzed as a person? The shocking conclusion is that the all pervasive and controlling corporate entity would be characterized as a psychopath. This is one entity that does not deserve Constitutional rights as a human being.

The Real Battlefield In Life Is For Your Mind
The Goal Is To Influence Your Perceptions In Life, And Thus Shape Your Behavior


This documentary reveals how propaganda is being used to manipulate your mind and control our world. It exposes government efforts to shape and control public opinion. The film exposes government and corporate activities to blur the lines between real news and fake news, as well as the development over time of public relations misinformation campaigns, strategic corporate campaigns to generate undeserved goodwill and the perception of good works, the use of staged photo-ops, and other manipulative PR tools that have turned the land of the free and the home of the brave into a place where citizens are now controlled with great efficiency, on a massive scale.

Human Resources
Mankind Is Nothing More Than A Servant Class For The Pious, Immoral Rich
A Very Disturbing Look At The Horror of Human Manipulation

Human Resources

A disturbing documentary at the history of secret programs, medical research, and human experimentation engineered by corporations and government institutions such as CIA and the military, using behaviorism theories, mind control techniques, dumbing down strategies, and ideologic propaganda to find ways of controlling people throughout the 20th century.


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