Documentaries The Media Won't Show You
These Are Films That Everyone Needs To See

From Freedom To Fascism
Despite being a top director, no one will dare play Russo's masterpiece on national television.
The American Dream
Nothing could be more true. If you didn't already know, this will be your enlightenment.
Even if you disagree with the religious spin in this, it is still a very good analysis and look at society.
9/11: Press For Truth
Arguably the fairest 9/11 documentary as it sticks with just the facts, leaving opinion to the viewer.
An American Coup
The latest film in the Loose Change 9/11 series. Examines the hidden truth behind the attacks.
The End Of America
A riveting production from author Naomi Wolf as she closely examines the loss of freedom since 9/11.
Loose Change: Final Cut
A 3rd installment in the Loose Change series dealing with the 9/11 event. This is a must see film.
Loose Change II
A 2nd installment in the Loose Change series dealing with the 9/11 event. Must see film for everyone.
The Core Of Corruption
A film from Jonathan Elinoff which takes a historical look at the history of corruption undermining the U.S.
Hijacking Humanity
This documentary series covers a lot of ground concerning high level government corruption, 911, etc.
9/11 False Flag
A German produced film on the events of 9/11. Very well done, with English sub-titles.
An Alex Jones film on the new world order and the plot for a one world rule by the elite wealthiest.
Wake Up Call
A composite medley of some of the top documentaries on the nefarious plan for the new world order.
Fabled Enemies
A Jason Bermas film on the figures behind the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Must see TV.
Kill The Messenger
The concerted effort by many to squelch the testimony of Sibel Edmonds. This film is a bombshell!
Controlling Our Food
An investigation film into the control of our food by corporations such as Monsanto. You will be shocked.
Our corporate media is deceitful, but none more so than FOX News, as told by ex-employees.
Orwell Rolls In His Grave
A look at the world behind the corporate mainstream media system that controls  us all.
Pearl Harbor Conspiracy
A look back at the biggest false flag attack ever on the U.S. prior to 9/11. What did we know?
Oklahoma City Bombing
An investigative look into the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City.
This documentary tells how Congress was purposefully deceived on the Patriot Act bill.
Hacking Democracy
Proof that HAVA is not here to protect us. Electronic voting is easily hackable, as proven by HBO.
The Plot To Overthrow FDR
The shocking story of wealthy rich U.S. families plotting to overthrow the U.S. government in 1934.
A look back at the 2000 election that started it all. When you realize now all that was at stake...
Manufacturing Consent
Noam Chomsky takes a look at the impact of the media on the control of society.
Esoteric Agenda
Very similar to the Zeitgeist series, with much information. Tread carefully, as there is occult info.

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